CDC Lucky Draw Ticket: Com Pin (10000 Pieces)


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Approximate Value: 35000$

CDC Lucky Draw Ticket: Com Pin (10000 Pieces)

You can buy tickets right away and get the chance to get the products of your dreams.
Draw Date: 01.12.2023
Sold: 12%
Ticket Price: 2.99$

*One person can buy more than one ticket. If you win, you must prove that the Ticket matches your CDC user code and that the Ticket is yours. CDC informs all participants of rule changes and has the right to make any changes at any time. The awards to be given to the winners are made through the law firm with the help of official channels.


FREE ENCRYPTED DONATION CODES: (use CDC script for decrypt)

–pingv2– 5648dd5e
–pingv2– cedb6105
–pingv2– 4946803f
–pingv2– 411e6482
–pingv2– 3d834520
–pingv2– 7b0cfa57
–pingv2– 5d9caa61
–pingv2– d3f8ae83
–pingv2– ea6dd068
–pingv2– b92e2d07
–pingv2– e21ca083
–pingv2– c82ae53e
–pingv2– 7b2f4242
–pingv2– 3964c0a7
–pingv2– ffa1dbc1
–pingv2– b51e62ad
–pingv2– a12302b6
–pingv2– 1f8b0fd0
–pingv2– a8645a9b
–pingv2– c48aea99
–pingv2– 5c3f0073
–pingv2– 7ab032cc
–pingv2– 271ef64f
–pingv2– 6bd14ffc
–pingv2– 9d5c9f4c
–pingv2– e80954ff
–pingv2– 2bf44fb1
–pingv2– 7a218fde
–pingv2– 1ee18682
–pingv2– d3858d76
–pingv2– 86edef12
–pingv2– 8e00e4d4
–pingv2– 45d0fbe8
–pingv2– bda9994a
–pingv2– 9c015a2b
–pingv2– e4a3021b
–pingv2– ef3291c5
–pingv2– 1a65d111
–pingv2– 9cd0a79f
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–pingv2– a65975b8
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–pingv2– 74f2d243
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–pingv2– 90795f47
–pingv2– 80230985
–pingv2– 0c9009ef
–pingv2– b779f531
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–pingv2– 832e6c6e
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–pingv2– e5851347
–pingv2– 3d583bda


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