Privacy Policy

NOTICE: Every customer who is a member of our website, creates and pays for an order or has received any service on our site directly or indirectly is deemed to have read and accepted all the articles of our sales agreement below, which has been arranged by us, without any other notice.



1.1. it sells services for a fee. It does not claim any rights to any brand located on the site.

1.2. All products and services on the site are delivered digitally.

1.3. There are no physical products on the site.

1.4. it reserves the right to change all the content on the site without permission. From such situations using the site you agree and declare that you cannot be held responsible.

1.5. it offers users special limited access rights for people to use the services.

1.6. under no circumstances does it transfer the right to use the content contained on the site unless it gives written permission. Definitions, prices, brand values, logos and other information, including but not limited to, may not be downloaded, reproduced or copied under any circumstances.

1.7. All background, product visual content, banner images found on the Site have been used with the permission of the previous owner or are anonymous content. it does not claim rights to any of these contents.

1.8. Riot Games is not directly related to the company. In the same way, it does not claim rights to games including the services on the site.



1.1.2. it may ask you for some personal information for security purposes when you make payments.

1.1.3. it reserves the right to refuse payouts without explanation.

1.1.4. In order for the money sent to us to be accepted as pay, a pay notification must be made on our website. No service will be provided in exchange for payments without pay notification.

1.1.5. it reserves the right to make changes to pay methods without resorting to user permission if it wishes.



1.2.1. You can claim your money back for digital products and services. But the realization of the payback is completely at your discretion.

1.2.2. However, in case the purchased service is not paid within the specified time after paying or is delivered incomplete, the user can request a refund within 24 hours by contacting live support or email.

1.2.3. any refund request initiated without notice will be terminated urgently and payback paid to users will not be made in any way.

1.2.4. in the event that the fee is paid back with a refund request initiated without contacting it can resort to legal remedies, block access to the user’s account, or apply solutions that it deems appropriate.



2.1. Obligations of buyers;

2.1.1. Buyers can find out the stock status of the product on our website or by contacting live support before paying.

2.1.2. in case of any problems, buyers cannot request a refund, except for payments made by Bank Transfer or EFT.

2.1.3. By accepting that the buyer has read the information in the product description, they agree to make purchases of their own free will.

2.1.4. The buyer accepts and declares that all responsibility belongs to him from the moment of purchasing the product.

2.2. User obligations;

2.2.1. Users are obliged to ensure the security of their accounts. Possible problems with account security he cannot be held responsible in any way. it reserves the right to refuse the service, terminate, edit or delete the account without explanation.

2.2.2. Users they are obliged to stay away from payback requests, fraud, theft, malicious purchases, copyright use, including but not limited to those that will cause damage to ’

2.2.3. By using our services, users are deemed to have accepted the risks and consequences of the services they have purchased. Possible delays, inadequate results and price differences in cases such as incorrect information or lack of details provided by the user when purchasing the Service are the responsibility of the users.

2.2.4.Users can use Live Support, instagram and other means of communication; annoying, humiliating, humiliating, insulting, etc. he is obliged to refrain from behavior. If the mentioned actions take place, it reserves the right to terminate the service and not make a refund without any explanation.

2.2.5. According to this agreement and you agree and declare that all employees will not be harmed by all losses, expenses, reasonable attorney’s expenses, legal processes that will occur as a result of the violation of this agreement.

2.2.6. Users agree and declare that they will not fulfill a fee refund request called Chargeback for any order or service completed or started under this agreement.

2.2.7. Users acknowledge and agree that the site employees who provide access to their accounts in this agreement reserve the right to change in-game settings, visual features and shortcuts.

2.2.8. Users have violated this agreement in the case of initiation or completion of this Agreement, and any chargeback will be considered, and legally Chargeback claims, terminations, or pay two times the amount of the service fee to be determined by’a to be determined by the payment method declares that it agrees with. In the event that this happens It reserves the right to sue users under European Trade Laws.

2.2.9. Users hereby agree to Riot Games accepts and declares that Riot Games cannot be held responsible in any way in case of penalties such as possible termination, access blocking, restriction, suspension of its accounts.

2.3. Third Party Terms of Use

2.3.1. That you have violated the League of Legends Terms of Use Agreement by purchasing an account as a user and that you are responsible for all situations that may occur as a result, you acknowledge and agree that you have no responsibility.

2.3.2. League of Legends the terms of Use Agreement according to the provisions to the contrary notwithstanding, any ownership or other property rights you can have your own account, and also the account that belongs to Riot Games and all rights in and it would be only just that you will accept and acknowledge and inure to the benefit of Riot Games.



3.1. Users have the right to use the live support service on our site at any time.

3.2. Users have the right to ask about the status of the service they have purchased and to obtain information.

3.3. Users can contact the site administrators for copyright claims.



4.1. The notification email sent by Riot Games about why the account has been suspended for no more than 2 days after the account has been suspended it must be sent to the address or sent to us via a support request. Otherwise, we are not responsible for the account.

4.2. A refund is made only if all the conditions specified below are met:

– If your account has been suspended within the warranty period given to you

– If we have been notified no later than 2 days after the account has been suspended

– If Riot support has not been contacted in any way during the warranty period (i.e. Riot support has not been allowed to examine the account)

– If the customer has avoided the behavior that will be reported in the game (swearing, etc.)

– If it has been determined that the account has been leveled using a bot (ban code: 2203)

A new account will be provided or the balance will be refunded on the site, provided that the account is replaced by a one-time account, the account characteristics of which will be decided by the site administration. Jul. Gamesepeti management will decide which refund method will be used.

4.3. Except for the reasons mentioned above, there will be no in-site balance or new account refund for suspended accounts. The specifics of the account, which is issued as a refund, the management of gamesepeti decides.

4.4. The user is responsible for account security after receiving the account information. No refund will be made for accounts that have been suspended due to account sale/sharing or account security issues.

4.5. In order to examine the reasons mentioned above, gamesepeti may request some information about your account



5.1. In the following cases, the level boost order will not be started and the order will be canceled.


If email verification has not been performed on the account

If RP has been purchased on the account

If the account was not created no more than one day before the order date

If the account contains an inappropriate nick