Conditions Of Sale

Article 1- The Parties

1.1. Seller

Name :



E-mail :

1.2. Receiver

Name – surname / TC.No




Article 2- Subject

The subject of this agreement, the seller belongs to the qualities that made the order electronically from the internet site listed below, and the fee specified in relation to the sale and delivery of the product sales No. 4077 on the protection of consumers in accordance with the provisions of the regulation on distance contracts law and determine the rights and liabilities of the parties to it.

The buyer must pay the seller’s name, title, explicit address, telephone and other access information, the basic characteristics of the goods for sale, the sale price, including taxes, the type of payment, delivery conditions and costs, etc. all preliminary information about the goods subject to sale and the exercise of the right of “withdrawal” and how to exercise this right, the official authorities to whom they can submit complaints and objections, etc. the seller agrees and declares that he has been informed by the seller clearly, clearly and in accordance with the Internet environment, that he has confirmed this preliminary information electronically and then ordered the goods in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. the preliminary information on the site and the invoices issued on the order issued by the buyer are integral parts of this agreement.

Article 3- Product/ Pay / Delivery Information Subject to the Contract

The type and type of product/products received electronically, quantity, brand/model, sales price, payment method, payee, delivery address, billing information, shipping fee are as follows. The person to be billed must be the same as the person who made the contract. The information contained below must be accurate and complete. The buyer agrees to fully cover the damages arising from the situations where this information is not correct or is missing, and the buyer also accepts any responsibility that may arise from this situation.

The SELLER reserves the right to stop the order if he deems it necessary, when the information provided by the BUYER does not coincide with the fact. If the SELLER detects a problem with the order, it freezes the entry into force of the order for 15 (fifteen) days if it cannot reach the BUYER from the phone, e-mail and postal addresses provided by the BUYER. It is expected that the BUYER will contact the SELLER about this during this period. If no response is received from the BUYER within this period, the SELLER cancels the order so that both parties will not be harmed.

Products /Products Received

Name, code: …qty

Total Sale Price: …. TL

Payment Method : Credit Card/Bank Transfer (Payable by EFT)

The Person Who Will Be Delivered :

Phone number :

The Address to Be Delivered :

The Person/Institution to Be Billed :

Billing Address :

tax authority :

Tax Registration Number :

Shipping Fee : … -TL

Article 4- Contract Date and Force Majeure Reasons

The contract date is the date on which the order was placed by the buyer../../…. it is historical.

Exist at the date of signing the contract or unforeseeable, beyond the control of the parties, one or both of the parties under the contract with the emergence of where they are installed the debt, partially or completely, and responsibilities to fulfill to fulfill them in a timely manner olanaksizlastiran circumstances or force majeure (natural disasters, war, terrorism, insurrection, changing legislation, the provisions of seizure, or strikes, lockouts, failure of production and communication facilities, significantly, etc.) will be considered as. The party that takes place in the person of force majeure will notify the other party of the situation immediately and in writing.

During the continuation of the force majeure, the parties will not bear any responsibility for their inability to perform their actions. If this force majeure situation continues for a period of 30 (thirty) days, each of the parties will have the right to terminate it unilaterally.

Article 5- Rights and Obligations of the Seller

5.1. The Seller agrees and undertakes to perform the actions imposed on him in the contract in full except in force majeure in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 4077 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts.

5.2. persons under the age of 18 (eighteen) ……………’ den can’t shop. The seller will take as a basis that the age specified by the buyer in the contract is the correct one. However, the seller cannot be held responsible in any way for the incorrect entry of the buyer’s age.

5.2. Due to price inaccuracies caused by system errors he is not responsible. Accordingly, the seller is not responsible for the system, design on the website or for advertising, price errors that may occur due to illegal interventions on the website. The buyer cannot claim from the seller based on system errors.

5.3. den credit card (Visa, MasterCard , etc. ) or purchases can be made by bank transfer. Orders that have not been transferred within one week from the date of the order are canceled. The time for processing orders is not the moment when the order is placed, but the moment when the necessary collection is made from the credit card account or the transfer (EFT) reaches the bank accounts. Payment methods that are performed without consulting customer service, such as a paid shipment or a paycheck, are not accepted.

Article 6- Rights and Obligations of the Buyer

6.1. The Buyer agrees and undertakes to fully fulfill the actions imposed on him in the contract, except for force majeure.

6.2. The Buyer agrees and undertakes that he/she has accepted the provisions of the employment contract and will pay in accordance with the payment method specified in the contract while paying the order.

6.3. Buyer, the seller’s name, title, open address, telephone and other access information from the website, the basic characteristics of the goods for sale, the sale price, payable form, delivery conditions and costs, including taxes, etc. all preliminary information about the goods subject to sale and the exercise of the right of “withdrawal” and how to exercise this right, the official authorities to whom they can submit complaints and objections, etc. it accepts and declares that it has clear, understandable and appropriate information about the internet environment and that it has confirmed this preliminary information electronically.

6.4. Depending on the previous item, the Buyer is informed that the product order and pay conditions, product usage instructions, precautions taken against possible situations and warnings are it declares that it has read and received the order / pay / use procedure information and has given the necessary confirmation electronically.

6.5. The buyer agrees and undertakes not to damage the product and its packaging in any way if he wants to return the product he received, and to return the original invoice and waybill at the time of return.

Article 7- Order/Pay Procedure


The amount of TL including VAT (total installment amounts in installment transactions) of the products added to the shopping cart is processed through the POS of the relevant bank card after approval by the buyer. Therefore, orders must be made before they are shipped

an order confirmation email is sent to the customer first. The shipment will not be made until the Order Confirmation email is sent.

Any disruption in the process or problems that may arise with the credit card are notified to the buyer by using one or more of the phone / fax /e-mail ways specified in the contract. If necessary, the buyer may be asked to contact his bank. The time for processing orders is not the moment when the order is placed, but the moment when the necessary collection is made from the credit card account or the transfer (EFT) is determined to have reached the seller’s accounts.

If it is understood that the goods subject to the contract cannot be supplied for an exceptionally justified reason and/or a stock problem is encountered, another product of equal quality and price may be sent to the buyer if the buyer is informed and approved immediately and clearly, or another product may be sent in accordance with the buyer’s desire and choice; another new product may be sent, the product may be expected to go into stock or other obstacle to delivery may be eliminated, and/or the order may be canceled.

In cases where it becomes impossible to fulfill the obligation to deliver the goods subject to the contract, the buyer is notified of this situation and the total price he has paid and any documents that put him in debt, if any, are returned to him no later than ten days and the contract is canceled. In such a case, the buyer will not have any additional material and non-pecuniary damage claims from the seller.

Payment: in addition, cash transfer order facilities have been offered to buyers who do not want to use credit card information on the Internet. When paying by wire transfer, the buyer can choose the most suitable bank for him and make the transfer. If an EFT has been made, the date of transfer to the account will be taken into account. When making a transfer and/or EFT, it is necessary that the “Sender Information” is the same as the Invoice Information and the order number is written.

If the bank or financial institution does not pay the product price to the Seller due to the unfair or illegal use of the Buyer’s credit card by unauthorized persons in a way that is not caused by the Buyer’s fault after the delivery of the product, the Buyer is required to send the product delivered to the Seller within 10 days. In such cases, the shipping costs belong to the Buyer.

If the buyer elects to pay by credit card, the purchaser, a relevant interest rates and interest-related information would also confirm the bank, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force interest and interest-between the bank and the buyer of the relevant provisions of the “credit card Agreement” that will be implemented is within the scope of declares.

Article 8- Shipment/Delivery Procedure


After sending the order confirmation e-mail, the product/products are delivered to the shipping Company with which the seller has an agreement.